Religion in Modern Society

Religion in Modern Society

In the programme Religion in Modern Society, research into the changing role of religion in modern society took centre stage.

Religion has not disappeared from our society, but it has started to fulfil a new role in recent years. This changing role of religion elicits questions, such as: does religion contribute to the integration of minorities or does it hinder this process? Why and how do people feel connected to a religion or spirituality? Why are some religious expressions tolerated and others not? How should society deal with questions such as the relationship between religion and education, the wearing of religious clothing, calls to prayer, and celebrating religious festivals?

To find answers to these and other questions, NWO developed a programme about religion in close consultation with four societal organisations, including the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Netherlands Institute for Social Research. The aim of the programme was to use scientific research to gain a better picture of the changing role of religion in our society. The research yielded important insights for policymakers, administrators and professionals working in, for example, the healthcare sector, education, industry and government bodies.

Ran until 2018

The programme Religion in modern society ran from 2012 to 2018. There were nine research projects [in Dutch]. NWO Humanities (now NWO Social Sciences and Humanities) was responsible for the programme. Several policy days, programme days and other meetings were held and newsletters [in Dutch] were regularly published.