Grants ‘Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity’ (2009)

On this page, the grants for the programme ‘Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity’ (2009) have been compiled.

Below are all projects associated with the Cultural Dynamics programme :

Research projects Cultural Dynamics

Cultural Memory and the Resources of the Past AD 400–1000
Involved from the Netherlands: prof. dr. Mayke de Jong (UU)
This project explores the value of studying the early Middle Ages to understand national and cultural identities in modern Europe. It examines the diverse ways in which the post-Roman successor states of Western Europe in the early Middle Ages used the cultural resources of their immediate past.

Investigating Discourses of Inheritance and Identity in Four Multilingual European Settings
Involved from the Netherlands: prof. dr. Jan Blommaert (UvT)
This project investigates the range of language and literacy practices of multilingual young people in cities in Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom to explore the cultural and social significance of these practices and to investigate how they are used in the context of inheritance and cultural identities.

Memory at War: Cultural Dynamics in Poland, Russia and Ukraine
Involved from the Netherlands: dr. Sander Brouwer (RUG)
The Memory at War project set out to expand the boundaries of memory studies by shifting the focus to post-socialist Eastern Europe. The ‘memory boom’ that has overtaken Western Europe and North America, at both a popular and scholarly level since the last decades of the twentieth century, has centred on West European memories of the Holocaust and Nazism. East European memories of the twentieth century, which differ sharply from their West European counterparts, have been relatively under studied.

Photographs, Colonial Legacy and Museums in Contemporary European Culture
Involved from the Netherlands: prof. dr. Susan Legêne (VU)
This project studies the role photographic legacy of colonialism has played in helping determine the multicultural identities of modern Europe. Researchers from the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom explore this through photographic records in museums.

Popular Music Heritage, Cultural Memory and Cultural Identity: Localised Popular Music Histories and Significance for Music Audiences and Music Industries in Europe
Involved from the Netherlands: prof. Susanne Janssen (EUR) - project leader
This project examines the strengthening role and significance of popular music in shaping cultural identity and heritage at local and national level.

Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities
Involved from the Netherlands: prof. Walter van de Leur (UvA)
This project examines the inherited traditions and practices of European jazz cultures in Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom. It was the first collaborative humanities project to explore the complexities of jazz as a transnational practice and its relationship with changing European identities.

The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript: Text Collections from a European Perspective
Involved from the Netherlands: dr. Bart Besamusca (UU) - project leader
Moderns editions of medieval literary texts tend to give the false impression that they have come down to us in single text manuscripts or well-ordered anthologies, with only minor revisions along the way.