Vision Document

During the Building Blocks of Life workshop in spring 2017, researchers and representatives from industry and healthcare came together to determine the course for a national consortium Building Blocks of Life. The programme’s vision for the next ten years is described in a vision document.

Building Blocks of Life (BBoL) is a long-term, multidisciplinary research programme from NWO into the molecular basis of life. Following a first call in December 2016, NWO awarded funding to 16 research projects. On 23 May 2017, the public and private partners from these research projects came together in a workshop with stakeholders from participating top sectors and relevant routes from the Dutch National Research Agenda. The pitches from project leaders about their work were inspiring, and emphasized the strength of the programme: facilitating multidisciplinary research projects from public-private consortia. Furthermore, during this workshop a joint agenda for the Building Blocks of Life programme was discussed. The BBoL Programme Council, chaired by Prof. Nynke Dekker, summarized the programme’s ambitions in a vision document, which can be downloaded below.

Building Blocks of Life is a programme of the NWO Domains Science, Applied and Engineering Sciences and ZonMw together with the participating top sectors Agri & Food, Chemistry, High Tech Systems and Materials, Life Sciences & Health, and Horticulture & Propagation Materials. As this field concerns not only technical but also societal and ethical questions, the Responsible Innovation programme (NWI) of the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities is also participating in this consortium.

Infographic BBoL

Vision Document Building Blocks of Life