Resultaat 2019. Coverbeeld.

Pushing the boundaries

Cleaner fuel for aviation. Patients with Parkinson’s learning to walk again. Understanding the life and death of the Yde Girl, 2,000 years after her death. And, it cannot have escaped you, the first photo of the shadow of a black hole. Indeed, I could go on – these are only some of the stories in our new annual magazine Results. A rich anthology of ground-breaking, surprising and above all socially relevant scientific results from 2019.

Whether it concerns our progress towards a hydrogen economy, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence or making headway in health care, all of the examples in this magazine have one thing in common: Each and every one of them shows that fundamental and applied research makes society in the Netherlands – and far beyond – better and more sustainable.

Credits: NWO/Manon Bruininga

We have every reason to be proud of the high quality of our scientific research

Stan Gielen, President NWO

As a funder of top-level research, NWO encourages cooperation and establishes links. Not only within the scientific community, between researchers from different knowledge institutions and disciplines. But also with businesses and society, such as the Dutch Research Agenda, which launched its first programmes this year.

We have every reason to be proud of the high quality of our scientific research – and our excellent researchers. It is partly thanks to them that for years now knowledge has been one of our most important export products. And it is partly thanks to them that on behalf of the Dutch scientific community we can present ground-breaking results year after year.

Stan Gielen, President NWO

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