Scientific Integrity Desk

Complaints about an actual or suspected violation of scientific integrity can be reported to the Scientific Integrity Desk.

Report a complaint

The Scientific Integrity Desk is can be reached for complaints about:

  • a person who is working (or has worked) on a research project that is partly or entirely funded by NWO
  • a person whose application for funding is currently under consideration at NWO
  • or a person who works at an NWO institute

Send an email to

Dealing with the complaint

Complaints to the Integrity Desk are dealt with by the NWO confidential counsellor, professor T.A. (Theo) de Roos and professor A.J.A. (Bert) Felling. After a complaint has been received, he assesses whether the complaint is admissible. This involves checking whether there is a relation with NWO funding and whether or not the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice has been complied with. If a complaint is declared admissible then the confidential adviser, if he sees the need and possibility for this, will try to mediate between the person who submitted the complaint and the accused. If mediation is not the appropriate way forward or if the mediation does not yield the desired outcome then the confidential adviser channels the complaint to the relevant integrity committee (usually the Scientific Integrity Committee of the university concerned), which investigates the complaint further. The integrity committee issues a report to the NWO Governing Board. The NWO Governing Board takes a decision about the complaint and any possible sanctions (for that part concerning NWO).


NWO is working on an update of the Regulation for complaints about scientific integrity – NWO institutes and the harmonising of this with the Regulation for complaints about scientific integrity – granting. As a supplement to the regulation, FOM and CWI have separate internal regulations for dealing with complaints about scientific integrity that are made known to them. In the relevant cases the confidential adviser for dealing with the complaint will consult the general director of the institute concerned.