Guidance on implementation of Plan S

On the 31th of January NWO and ZonMw organised a consultation meeting as part of the public feedback on the implementation of Plan S. Goal of the meeting was to inform all stakeholders about Plan S and to collect feedback about the proposals for implementation, as they have been published on the 27th of November in the Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S.

The meeting was very well attended with over 250 people representing all segments of the Dutch research community: researchers in different stages of their career, policy makers, librarians as well as members of the boards of the various stakeholder organisations: the Royal Academy, the Association of Universities in The Netherlands, the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres and many other organisations.


Many different aspects have been discussed. It would be impossible to do justice to every attendee and everything that has been said. However: in this document we present as impartially as possible the main points that have been raised. The executive board of NWO hopes and expects that these points will be taken into consideration in the next phase and will be addressed in the proposed revision of the implementation document. It
will be submitted as part of the public consultation on Plan S and must be seen as complementary to the feedback submitted by other organisations and individuals from the Netherlands.

Presentations (in Dutch)


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