NWO conferences 2017

Increasing number of applications and peer review

The global research assessment and peer review system is slowly stretching to its limits and researchers everywhere are affected by this development. One of the problems is an ever increasing number of applications resulting in turn in an increasing amount of necessary peer reviews. To address these challenges and join forces to explore alternative ways of dealing with them, NWO will host two conferences. A national conference on 4 April and an international conference on 29-30 June.

NWO conferences 2017

National conference

When: Tuesday 4 April 2017
Where: De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam
Attendees: Dutch scientists, directors (also from partner organisations and business), policy makers
Registration: Closed

During the national conference NWO invited participants to think about measures to decrease the number of applications and a way to improve the peer review procedures. NWO shared the outcomes of this conference on the international conference in June 2017.

International conference

When: Thursday 29 and Friday 30 June 2017
Where: West-Indisch Huis in Amsterdam
Attendees: Participants from European research councils, researchers and peer reviewers
Registration: Closed

How can we get a grip on the increasing amount of applications? And how can we improve the peer review procedures? What are the experiences of other granting organisations and colleague scientists on this matter? During the international conference on the number of applications and peer review NWO looked into good practices internationally.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact the organisers at conference2017@nwo.nl.

Please contact Olivier Morot at o.morot@nwo.nl concerning the national conference.

Memorandum NWO

NWO will develop and implement several measures to reduce application pressure.

Simplification of Research Funding Instruments

Higher degree of clarity and a better connection between the domains for multidisciplinary research proposals.


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