Knowledge utilisation and the NWO-institutes

The institutes conduct their research in collaboration with universities, other institutes and companies, both in the Netherlands and abroad. This means that the knowledge resulting from their fundamental research is available for utilisation by outside bodies. NWO research institutes lead the world in the development of enabling technology and advanced instrumentation. In this way, they contribute to the solution of new research problems.

NWO has issued a brochure outlining the general position regarding knowledge utilisation and encouraging outside bodies to contact the NWO institutes in this respect.


An accompanying series of separate leaflets illustrates the potential for collaboration with each of the eight institutes. The leaflets give the names of contacts at the individual institutes, particularly for the private sector. Like the folder, the leaflets are available in both Dutch and English. They are separately available for download. You can also order a complete set on paper by sending a request to:

Ms Kirsten Soekhoe
(t.: +31 (0)70 344 05 65 or e.: