Science diplomacy

The Netherlands wants to strengthen its international profile as a knowledge economy where world-class science is conducted. NWO will play a proactive role in harmonising the international knowledge policy of the Dutch government, Nuffic and the knowledge institutions. With a joint effort, Dutch research can be better presented abroad. For this, NWO will make strategic use of visitor grants and other instruments.

In this regard, recent reports from the Dutch Trade and Investment Board (DTIB 16) and the Advisory council for science, technology and innovation (AWTI) have already made important suggestions.

Diplomacy for science

NWO will request Dutch diplomats to facilitate international scientific collaboration, for example through collaboration on valuable research infrastructure or by representing the Dutch knowledge sector abroad, as done by the Innovatie Attaché Netwerk.

New fund for Science Diplomacy

With effect from 1 January 2020, NWO will initiate a new fund with which activities in the Science for Diplomacy field will be organised with countries that the Netherlands wishes to intensify its diplomatic relations with. NWO will make 250,000 euros per year available for this fund and will collaborate closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in realising this.

Science in diplomacy

In addition, NWO wants to highlight the importance of research for providing an evidence-informed basis to foreign policy.

Science for diplomacy

NWO is also open to the idea of using science for achieving policy related, political and/or diplomatic objectives, as long as this aligns with the mission of NWO.