Dutch National Research Agenda

NWO wants to facilitate science making a contribution to economic and societal challenges. NWO is convinced that the urgent challenges the Netherlands faces need to be tackled together with the entire scientific field. The Dutch National Research Agenda forms the framework for this joint approach.

NWO contribution to Dutch National Research Agenda

The realisation of the Dutch National Research Agenda in 2015 was the answer to a need for greater connection and coherency within the Dutch system of research and innovation and a closer relationship between that system and society. The basis of the Dutch National Research Agenda is formed by questions from Dutch citizens to science. The Dutch National Research Agenda intends to build bridges between various scientific, innovation and policy agendas and to facilitate collaboration between the various actors across the entire chain of research and innovation. At the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, NWO will assume responsibility for the funding, quality assessment and quality monitoring of the research that emerges from the Dutch National Research Agenda.

Programme Dutch National Research Agenda

NWO will set up a programme that builds further upon the dynamics and process of self-organisation that has developed around the routes of the Dutch National Research Agenda. However, this does not mean that only parties that have been involved in the shaping of the routes so far can form consortia and develop proposals. Some routes are so broad and ambitious that they cannot be funded with the available resources. Therefore, proposals that are related to a part of the route can also be submitted and new combinations of underlying questions are possible. To guarantee optimal flexibility, the only condition will be that research proposals must be aimed at (parts of) one or more routes of the Dutch National Research Agenda.

Programmes around societal themes

Complimentary to the realisation of the Dutch National Research Agenda described above, NWO will form programmes around a limited number of societal themes that are important for the Netherlands and that establish the connection between the different agendas: Dutch National Research Agenda, Knowledge and Innovation Agendas of the top sectors, and policy agendas of government ministries. These research programmes will have a size comparable to that of the Gravitation programmes.

Full Breath of Science

Programmes for the Dutch National Research Agenda must be established from across the full breadth of science. In addition, these programmes will provide space for a broad chain approach in which, where relevant, fundamental, strategic, practice-oriented, and applied research are connected. Non-scientific parties can also be involved in the realisation of research within the Dutch National Research Agenda programmes. This means the involvement of various sciences, sectors and parts of the knowledge chain that are relevant to the theme. In the funding of these programmes, NWO will mainly focus on the fundamental science. A financial contribution is expected from non-scientific parties that participate in the programmes.

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