Physics of Life (PoL)

Living systems comprise the most complex matter. Seeking a fundamental understanding of the processes that drive living systems pushes the boundaries of experimental and theoretical physics through the development of principles and concepts that balance the complexity of life with a physics-driven abstraction.

The field of Physics of Life (PoL) can be broadly divided into three areas that range from fundamental research into life processes to applied research that is crucial for innovative future healthcare.

These three areas are:

  1. The physics of processes that are essential to life.
  2. Physics-based technologies that advance biological research
  3. Physics-driven research focused on health-care, diagnostics and treatments

Advisory committee Physics of Life

The advisory committee gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the board of the NWO Science domain on proposals for new programmes. The committee also has a monitoring role regarding the progress of ongoing programmes.

The Physics of Life advisory committee is made up of the following:

Research community advisory committee duties and procedures NWO-secretary: Naomi Chrispijn-Steenbeek

The research community advisory committees are assigned the following tasks:

  • Identifying new developments in the sub-field of the research community advisory committee
  • Maintaining contact with the research field
  • Maintaining the network with the Dutch National Research Agenda, top sectors, TKI HTSM,  the Platform Academische Natuurkunde etc.
  • Monitoring the progress of ongoing research programmes in the sub-field in question, including advising the Physics Round Table at the conclusion of these programmes
  • Monitoring ongoing research and existing facilities and new initiatives
  • Helping shape and implement the NWO network and forum function in consultation with the field (during Physics@Veldhoven and DutchBiophysics for example)
  • Giving unsolicited and solicited advice to the Physics Round Table and to the Science board