Partnerships NWO Communication Department

One of NWO's aims is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from NWO-funded research to society. Do you want to contribute to that with an initiative in the area of science communication? Are you looking for a collaborative partner? Then NWO's Communication Department would like to come into contact with you. You can read more about our approach and the conditions below.

NWO Communication partnerships

Communication partnership is understood to mean: strategic collaboration between NWO and one or more external parties that have specific expertise, authority or access to our target groups. Together with our partners, we develop communication initiatives and events. An important aspect of this for NWO is the space to make a specific contribution; not NWO but the actual content and research should take centre stage.

The partnerships of NWO's Communication Department are aimed at shaping communication initiatives together with partners; therefore, these do not concern research partnerships with the aim of developing a research projects or programmes.

Guiding principles partnership policy

Each partnership is unique and is realised in consultation. The NWO's Communication Department decides whether a partnership will be concluded or not. During the assessment of potential partnerships, the following guiding principles apply.

  • Content
  • Mutual commitment
  • Purposefulness
  • Impact
  • Spread
  • No automatic extension