Open Science Infrastructure Support

The transition to Open Science requires sustainable investment in open scholarly infrastructures. This is often complex as it requires collective action on a global scale. The Dutch Research Council (NWO) supports the following Open Science Infrastructures.

  • ArXiv

    ArXiv is the repository of mainly pre-prints of scientific articles (mathematics, physics, astronomy, informatica, computer science, economics and biology).

    Duration: 2020-2022

    Yearly amount: $ 5000,-


  • cOAlition S

    cOAlition S is the group of funders behind Plan S. Its aim is to accelerate the transition to full and immediate Open Access. This contribution is meant for the establishment of an cOAlition S secretariat.

    Duration: 2020-2022
    Yearly amount: 150.000 euros

    cOAlition S

  • Digital Curation Centre

    The Digital Curation Centre (Edinburg University) is developer of DMPonline.

    Duration: 2020-2022

    Yearly amount: 10.000 pond

    Digital Curation Centre

  • DORA

    DORA is the global initiative to reform the way research and researchers are assessed and to ban the use of questionable metrics. NWO is a supporting member.

    Duration: 2020-2022
    Yearly amount: 10.000 euros



    OAPEN is the Digitale repository voor Open Access of books. The OAPEN library is the dedicated Open Access repository for NWO funded via the Open Access Books programme.

    Duration: 2020-2022

    Yearly amount: 30.000 euro


  • Open Libary of the Humanities

    This is an Open Access publishing platform in the field of humanities.

    Duration: 2020 - 2022
    Yearly amount: 10.000 euro

    Open Libary of the Humanities


    This projects aims to offer an Open Access platform to independent Dutch scientific journals. 

    Project owner: Humanities Cluster of the KNAW

    Duration: 2020-2022

    One-time injection: 335.000 euro

  • SciPost

    SciPost is a non-commercial open access publication platform in the field of natural sciences. SciPost has an innovative (diamond) earning model which means that authors do not have to pay for their publications.

    Duration: 2021-2023
    Annual amount: EUR 15.000

    More information SciPost

  • UKB

    The consortium of Dutch university libraries. UKB in close collaboration with VSNU negotiates the license and Open Access agreements for the Dutch research universities. NWO is an associated member of UKB.

    Duration: Yearly
    Yearly amount: 2.500 euros


  • Directory of Open Access Journals

    The Directory of Open Access Journals is the most authoritative independent register of high-quality, peer-reviewed open access journals. DOAJ’s mission is to increase the visibility impact of fully open access journals and to ensure its quality.

    Duration: 2021-2023
    Annual amount: EUR 8.000

    More information

  • OA Switchboard

    OASwitchboard will develop an infrastructure to facilitate the increasingly complex payments of open access publication charges between research institutions, funders and publishers.

    Duration: 2021-2023
    Annual amount: EUR 3.000

    More information