Ongoing project

  • Progress report

    Depending on the funding instrument, NWO will periodically monitor the progress of projects by means of a progress report. More information and the template for this can be found in ISAAC.

  • Research output

    NWO would like to remain informed of all ‘output’ generated by the research, both scientifically and for the general public. You can submit your output through NWO's electronic system: ISAAC.


  • Research results

    Open Science

    Open Science is the movement that aims at more open and collaborative research practices in which publications, data, software and other types of academic output are shared at the earliest possible stage and made available for reuse. 

    Open Science and open access publishing

    Acknowledgement of NWO in publications

    Does your research funded by the Dutch Research Council leads to a publication? We kindly ask you to mention 'NWO' in your aknowledgment and use our logo. 

    Acknowledgement  Logo NWO

  • Change notification form

    If you have made any changes to the research proposal, please indicate them using the change notification form in the link below.


  • Compensation schemes

    NWO has developed compensation schemes to ensure that applicants are given an equal chance of receiving an NWO grant when they are prevented as a result of external circumstances (such as maternity leave, parental leave, care leave, sick leave or certain cases of force majeure) from submitting a proposal or going through the evaluation procedure. 

    Compensation schemes

  • Money follows researcher

    The Money follows researcher scheme enables researchers who take up an appointment at another knowledge institution abroad to take the remainder of the funding with them. The scheme aims to encourage the mobility of researchers worldwide.

    Money follows researcher