NWO Stevin Prize

The Stevin Prize is an award for top researchers or a team of two to three researchers with international reputations. NWO requests selected persons to nominate candidates for this prize. A maximum of two prizes are awarded annually.

  • Purpose

    The Stevin Prize primarily honours the social impact of scientific research.

  • Budget and Duration

    The NWO Stevin Prize is awarded annually, since 2018, to a maximum of two (teams of) researchers.

    The laureates each receive 2.5 million euro to spend on research and/or activities on knowledge exchange and impact.

  • Committee

    NWO requests selected persons to nominate candidates for this prize. The selection committee 2019 was composed of the following persons:

    Committee 2019

    • Prof. Jan Karel Lenstra, (technical) chair 
    • Prof. Matthias Wessling, RWTH Aachen University (DE)
    • Prof. Christine Nicol, The Royal Veterinary College (UK)
    • Prof. Henk van der Vorst, Utrecht University (retired)
    • Prof. Marcel Levi, University College London Hospitals (UK)
    • Prof. Jan Fransoo, Kühne Logistics University (DE)
    • Prof. Elspeth Guild, University of London (UK)
    • Prof. Lasse Gerrits, University of Bamberg (DE)
    • Prof. Janet van Hell, Pennsylvania State  University (US)
    • Prof. Frank Boons, The University of Manchester (UK)
    • Dr. Laura van Broekhoven, Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford (UK)
    • Dr. Peter Berben, BASF The Netherlands
    • Drs. Hans Schikan, Pharvaris and Dutch Top Sector Life Sciences and Health

NWO Stevin Prize 2020

This year two researchers will receive the Stevin Prize: Ton Schumacher and Linda Steg.