NWO Research Communities for Physics

The Physics Round Table has, in close consultation with the research field, set up five NWO Research Communities for Physics. Through these five research communities, the physics research field will be able to make an effective contribution towards recommendations for and monitoring of research at the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The link between researchers and NWO is essential to ensure that signals in the field are picked up by NWO, and that NWO is able to gain access to the field. The research communities connect physicists and promote collaboration with other disciplines.

The five NWO Research Communities for Physics are:

In addition to these, fundamental energy research is a new research field that will be further expanded. You can find a detailed description of the working communities here.

Research community advisory committees

The NWO Research Communities work with members in order to have a clear picture of the sub-field in question and to have at their disposal a distribution list for consulting or informing the field.

Membership in the NWO Research Communities is open to every member of the scientific staff (assistant, associate and full professors, group leaders and of course tenure trackers) at one of the Dutch universities or institutes. Researchers from industry as well as researchers who work outside the Netherlands (but with a special affinity for the research field in the

Netherlands) are also welcome to become members.

The research community advisory committees represent the research communities. The research community advisory committees set out the details for their sub-field in a strategy paper and in a vision for the future. The committees regularly inform and consult the members of a research community with regard to relevant NWO information.

Research community advisory committee duties and procedures

The research community advisory committees are assigned the following tasks:

  • Identifying new developments in the sub-field of the research community advisory committee;
  • Maintaining contact with the research field;
  • Maintaining the network with the Dutch National Research Agenda, top sectors, TKI HTSM,  the Platform Academische Natuurkunde etc.;
  • Monitoring the progress of ongoing research programmes in the sub-field in question, including advising the Physics Round Table at the conclusion of these programmes;
  • Monitoring ongoing research and existing facilities and new initiatives;
  • Helping shape and implement the NWO network and forum function in consultation with the field (during Physics@Veldhoven and DutchBiophysics for example);
  • Giving unsolicited and solicited advice to the Physics Round Table and to the Science board.