New round NWA Science Communication, a few changes

NWO has published the second call for proposals for science communication in the context of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA). The call “NWA Science Communication 2021-2022” strengthens the connection between science and society by providing funding for a wide spectrum of projects. The budget available for the call is 3 million euros.

Changes after the first call for proposals

Based on experiences from the first call for proposals, NWO has adjusted the second call. The most important modifications are listed below:

  • Applicants can submit proposals continuously until 15 June 2022, but the call has three “collection moments”, which function as intermediate deadlines. All proposals submitted until the deadline of a collection moment will be included in the assessment and award phase of that collection moment. There is a grant ceiling of 1 million euros for each collection moment.
  • The bandwidths Small and Medium have been merged into one bandwidth, now called “Small”. Consortia can submit project proposals in two bandwidths: Small (with a maximum grant budget of 50,000 euros) and Large (with a grant budget of more than 50,000 euros and at most 150,000 euros).
  • A more detailed explanation has been provided of the way in which small projects (pilots for innovation) and large projects (further elaboration of successful initiatives) differ in character. This is expressed in the different weighting of the assessment criteria.
  • Only consortia consisting of representatives from at least two organisations can submit proposals.
  • Stricter quality requirements apply for proposals to be considered eligible for funding.

Details about application possibilities, deadlines and assessment can be found in the call for proposals.

Programme objectives

Funding from the call for proposals NWA Science Communication enables professionals from knowledge institutions, museums and other public organisations to use new forms of science communication, but also to deploy existing communication tools differently.

Ideally, new insights will arise about ways in which impact can be generated among a wider audience than just the target groups who are already interested in science. The call is specifically aimed at reaching a public that does not automatically come into contact with science and that has no clear idea about what exactly science is and its significance for society.

Dutch Research Agenda

On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, NWO has funded research in the context of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) since 2018. The aim of NWA research is to make a positive, structural contribution to the knowledge society of tomorrow, by building bridges today and jointly ensuring scientific and societal impact.

This is realised by, for example, facilitating science communication, in collaboration with the scientific field by intensifying the interaction between science and society. Relevant and appealing science communication contributes significantly to embedding science in general, and research results, in particular, in society.