Hypothese 2018 - 1

January 2018

Hypothese is a NWO magazine about science (print only in Dutch ).

Exercise-rich lifestyle

Thanks to the recent collaboration between sports scientists and data scientists, such as Joost Kok and Koen Lemmink, athletes will soon be able to train and take part in matches with a scientific backdrop.

What should we do with 400 million euros?

What is the best use of extra money for scientific research? Three experts give NWO advice.

Historical housekeeping books

Professor Oscar Gelderblom and postdoc Corinne Boter (credits: Fjodor Buis)

Researchers reconstruct the financial history of the Netherlands with the help of old cash books, company accounts and the housekeeping books of private individuals.

Smart infrastructure

In the coming years, billions of euros will need to be invested in the infrastructure for vital services such as the supply of energy and water, telecommunications and transport. A new research programme will provide the knowledge base for smart choices.

Green criminology

(credits: Tim Boekhout)

In the jungles around the equator, criminologist Tim Boekhout van Solinge is using local residents and modern technology to combat illegal logging and deforestation.

Digital lolly jar

Digital lolly jar

A recently launched international hallmark encourages the sharing of data. Properly stored data should be transparent, a value that is becoming increasingly more important in science.

Negotiating with the computer

Tim Baarslag (credits: Manon Bruininga)

‘People are not good at all at negotiating’, says Tim Baarslag. (...) a computer can maintain an overview and calculate the outcome of all possible agreements within no time.’

New NWO strategy

NWO will present its plan to Minister Van Engelshoven, and with this will once again give direction to its activities for the period 2019-2022.

Three members Board NWO 'One year later'

Mission board members NWO

The enthusiasm can still be clearly felt, and a new policy is on its way. But it will take some time before the fruits of this can be harvested. Three new NWO board members reflect on their first year.

Colliding stars

colliding neutron stars

A new encounter with the universe is how the spectacular observation of two colliding neutron stars last August was described. And the beginning of a new research field: multi-messenger astronomy.