Hypothese 2018-3

This issue includes: Dreams about 2030 –Going to market with research – Innovating with carbohydrates – High tech with a human touch – Designing food products – Synthetic kerosene

Dreaming about open access


What will the science of the future look like and what will be the ultimate effect of the movement towards freely accessible publications?

Going to market with research

The first success stories from Take-Off, an NWO instrument that helps researchers to turn their discovery into a commercial success.


The new code of conduct on scientific integrity gives employers a duty of care. What does this mean in practice?


The Westerbork Observatory received a facelift as a present to mark its 50th anniversary.

High tech with a human touch.

The Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials will also invite researchers from the social sciences and humanities to participate in research proposals.

Designing food products

Researchers from academia and industry gain inspiration from nature to make puddings and mayonnaise both healthier and tastier.

Clean flying

NWO institute DIFFER endeavours to produce relatively clean fuel from polluting CO2 with sustainable energy.

Innovating with carbohydrates

Fundamental research that also serves the interests of companies. It is possible!