Colour relaxes

Lamp posts and other kinds of artificial light can seriously confuse animals. ‘They wake up earlier as a result and sleep more restlessly,’ says Marcel Visser of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology.

No matter which light colour you use, there’s always an animal that will be disturbed by it.

Not every light colour disturbs each species of animal equally. Bats and voles, for example, are less confused by red light than by green or white light. Moths are less attracted by red light as well, because it has a long wavelength. The photoreceptors in the eyes of many animals are especially sensitive to light with a shorter wavelength. Unfortunately red light is not the solution for every animal. For example, it disrupts the breeding behaviour of some birds: it makes them lay eggs earlier. So what colour should we use to light up our streets? ‘You have to evaluate which colour is best case by case in order to limit the impact on the animals that live there as much as possible,’ Visser says.

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Inside art

No one would think of cutting or sawing through an art treasure to examine it. But now it’s possible with a new 3D X-ray scanner that penetrates deep inside art objects.

Anyone reading this is (not) crazy

A major population study has revealed that there’s a vast grey area between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ mental health.

Bye-bye battery

Do you have a pacemaker? Then you need regular surgery to replace the battery. Researchers at TU Delft are working on a technique that should make battery-free pacemakers possible.

Gas meter in space

A new monitoring instrument on a satellite makes the status of air pollution and climate change on Earth painfully clear.

Tomorrow's greenhouse

A climate system that determines the temperature of each individual branch and LED lighting instead of ‘regular’ lamps: the greenhouse of the future isn’t only smarter, it’s also greener.

Setting up shop

Shopping isn’t a modern phenomenon. The Romans were already doing it. In fact, they invented the shop as we know it.

Ocean expedition


How are the seven seas doing? A large group of scientists joined the research ship Pelagia to find out.

Darwin in a drop of water

Lifeless molecules are reproducing in a Groningen lab. They’re also engaged in speciation. Until very recently that kind of behaviour had only been observed in living organisms.

The new smoking?

Sitting is really bad for you. At least that’s what we’ve been told lately. It’s even being compared to smoking. Is sitting really that unhealthy?