NWO grant for the Open Library for Humanities

2 September 2020

The Open Library for Humanities (OLH) has received a three-year grant for the Library Partnership Subsidy system. OLH is an academic Open Access platform without costs for the authors who publish there.

NWO is deeply committed to Open Access and is dedicated to realising this transition. The sustainable funding of digital infrastructures is essential in this regard. NWO tries to contribute to that where possible. Today, NWO will announce that it is entering a three-year partnership with the Open Library for Humanities. OLH is high-quality Open Access platform in the humanities.

‘There are various routes to Open Access and different business models that can contribute to the transition’, says Stan Gielen, President of the NWO Executive Board. ‘Also non-commercial models where authors do not have to pay any APCs (Article Processing Charges) – the so-called Diamond model. OLH is a high-quality publication platform in the humanities based on an innovative Diamond model, which allows authors to publish without facing publication fees. We are pleased to support for the next three years.’

Professor Martin Paul Eve, CEO of the Open Library for Humanities, emphasises the significance of the support due to the importance the humanities attach to the Diamond Open Access model in particular.

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Source: NWO