New call with China on vertical farming

The Cooperation China (CAS) - The Netherlands research programme launched the call for 2020

7 September 2020

NWO, under the Merian Fund, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have launched a joint call for proposals on vertical farming. The demand for locally produced, sustainable, healthy and safe food is rising. Vertical farming may provide a solution for urbanised regions, because it allows for the production of local, fresh food and it can also contribute to a more circular food production system. The deadline for joint proposals is 14 January 2021.

This call in the Cooperation China (CAS)-The Netherlands programme aims to further stimulate high-quality joint, impact-oriented research. It invites teams of Dutch and Chinese researchers, together with a public or private societal partner(s), to submit proposals.

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To further enhance the possibilities for the development of vertical farming systems, the following research topics are important to address:

  • Reducing the net energy usage and costs of vertical farming;
  • Understanding the optimal growth and development conditions for crop species;
  • Advancing the accuracy and applicability of prediction models;
  • Societal aspects and sustainable implementation of vertical farming systems.

Projects are expected to take an interdisciplinary approach, as well as to integrate knowledge from outside the scientific community. Applications should furthermore be characterised by equal partnership and sustainable collaboration between the Chinese and Dutch partners.

For more information regarding the requirements for the Chinese side of the consortium, please see the call as well as the CAS website.

Webinar on the call

A webinar for this call will be held in December, during which extra explanation will be provided regarding specific requirements on the Chinese and the Dutch side, the composition of the Sino-Dutch consortium and the impact plan approach, and the call secretariat of CAS and NWO will answer questions. More information, including the exact date and the link to join the webinar, will be made available on the NWO website and the CAS website in September. It is not mandatory to join the webinar to submit a proposal.

About the Merian Fund

Within NWO, the Cooperation China-The Netherlands (CAS) programme is one of the Merian Fund’s bilateral programmes. The Merian Fund is a fund for international cooperation with important science nations. Research collaboration under the Merian Fund is characterised by an impact-focused approach towards broad societal challenges and aims to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals worldwide. Hence, the research is interdisciplinary in nature and involves societal partners throughout the process.

The Merian Fund cooperates with seven partners in five countries: FAPESP (Brazil), NSFC and CAS (China), DST and DBT (India), RISTEKBRIN ( Indonesia) and NRF (South Africa). WOTRO Science for Global Development is responsible for the implementation of the calls.

Source: NWO