Award ceremony of Spinoza- and Stevin Prizes postponed to later this year

29 September 2020

NWO has decided to postpone the award ceremony of the Spinoza and Stevin Prizes of September 30 until later on this year. The measures announced on Monday 28 don't align with the planned festivities, which already were to take place mostly online and in company of a small committee of guests.

However much NWO looks forward to this annual award ceremony, it isn’t desirable to gather for this event after the additional measures. At the moment the organization is in consultation with those involved in order to find a suitable date later on this year, only if the enforced measures at that time allow it of course. More information will follow as soon as possible on the NWO website.

Later on this year, the presentation of the highest scientific awards will take place online, live from the Royal Theatre in The Hague. In due course, the event can be followed via the NWO-YouTube channel. During the award ceremony, the Spinoza and Stevin laureates will provide insight into their research and how they intend to use their award.

Source: NWO