Upcoming call with South Africa on WEF nexus in urban context

Thematic Merian Fund call on Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus

26 June 2020

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa plan to launch the second call on the WEF nexus, with a focus on the urban context in South Africa. A total of 1.7 million euros will be made available to fund two South African-Dutch consortia. The call for proposals is expected to be published in August.

Picture: Shutterstock | Reaz Ahtai

This is the second call of the Cooperation South Africa-The Netherlands programme. From the Dutch side, this programme falls under the Merian Fund. For this call, consortia of research institutes and other organisations (both public and private) in the Netherlands and in South Africa can apply for funding of joint research projects that focus on the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus in the urban context.

From idea to full proposal

The call will be published with the following two-step procedure:

  1. A pre-proposal, containing a research idea,  will be assesed by an International Advisory Committee (IAC)
  2. Selected pre-proposals can be developed into full proposals and will be evaluated by expert reviewers and an IAC

Once the call for proposals is launched, applicants will be invited to submit half a page indicating their research ideas as pre-proposal. These research ideas will be made public to encourage further collaboration and to offer the opportunity to merge consortia in case similar research ideas are submitted.  

Preliminary timelines

The timeline for this call is expected to be as follows:

  • August 2020: opening of the pre-proposal phase
  • October 2020: deadline for submitting research ideas (half a page)
  • October 2020: Webinar on the call
  • 1 November 2020: deadline for submitting pre-proposals
  • 31 March 2021: deadline for submitting full proposals
  • January 2022: start of joint projects

Bilateral cooperation

Cooperation South Africa - The Netherlands is a new research programme between the South African National Research Foundation (NRF) and NWO. With this programme, NWO and NRF aim to finance and strengthen scientific collaboration between The Netherlands and South Africa. The focus of the first call for proposals was on the WEF nexus approach, which resulted in the awarding of two projects early 2020. This bilateral research programme builds on earlier collaboration, such as in the LEAP-Agri programme, and various collaborations in the field of Astronomy.

About the Merian Fund

The Merian Fund is a fund for international cooperation with (emerging) science countries. The common thread within the Merian Fund is international research to promote the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals worldwide. The Merian Fund cooperates with seven partners in five countries: FAPESP (Brazil), NSFC and CAS (China), DST and DBT (India), RISTEKDIKTI ( Indonesia) and NRF (South Africa). WOTRO Science for Global Development is responsible for the implementation of the calls under the Merian Fund.

Source: NWO