‘Open Access Books’ call: Make your book openly accessible

2 June 2020

Open access to scholarly articles has become the norm. A recent study shows that 60% to 70% of the articles funded by NWO are freely available in Open access. The transition to Open access for academic books is lagging behind though.

NWO wants to step up its efforts to make the academic books that result from its funding Open access as well. That is why NWO will make 500,000 euros a year available for the Open access publication of books from 1 June 2020 onwards. Applications for this ‘Open Access Books’ call for proposals can be submitted throughout the year as long as the budget lasts.

Open Access Books is a continuous call, initially until 2022. The total budget is 500,000 euros per year with a limit of 10,000 euros per publication.

Since 2015 NWO has been committed to ensure that all publications resulting from its funding are made available in Open access. Our policy applies to scholarly articles as well as to academic books and book chapters. Any publication costs associated with Open access will be reimbursed via the project budget. However, writing a book often takes longer than the duration of an NWO project, which means that researchers cannot include the costs of Open access publication for books in the project budget. The Open Access Books programme reimburses the book processing charges associated with making academic books Open access. This applies to all academic books funded by NWO. ‘Academic books’ refers to both peer-reviewed monographs and edited collections.

Plan S and National Plan Open Science

The call is closely aligned with the planned implementation of Plan S in 2021, as well as the National Plan Open Science which also aims to promote Open access for scholarly formats other than only the journal articles. Science Europe also published a briefing paper in which it called on its members to broaden the scope of Open access to include academic books.

More information

The funding page provides information on how to submit an application. Please direct questions about Open Access Books to NWO’s Open Access Secretariat: open-access@nwo.nl or Hans de Jonge.

Source: NWO


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