Additional corona measures regarding the Vidi rounds

15 June 2020

NWO has held several talks with people working in the field about continuing the Talent Line calls in light of the current situation. NWO is giving special consideration to groups of researchers who have been the hardest hit by the corona crisis. Below is an overview of additional corona measures that NWO is taking regarding the Vidi rounds.

Interviews in the 2019 round for pregnant applicants

Earlier, the interviews for the current 2019 Vidi call were rescheduled for September. Pregnant candidates who are on leave during this period fall under the scheme for parental leave and have the possibility of conducting the interview at an earlier date, provided it is feasible to convene the evaluation committee.

Measures regarding the 2020 Vidi round

NWO is adopting the following measures for the upcoming 2020 Vidi round with a submission deadline of 6 October 2020:

  • Linking the 2019 round to the 2020 round for rejected interview candidates
    Rejected interview candidates in the current 2019 round who have a spare opportunity to submit will be able to submit their proposal in the following round (2020) two months later.
  • Candidates in the 2020 round can retain their opportunity to submit for 2021
    Vidi candidates who were planning to participate in the 2020 round but who have decided not to after all due to the exceptional corona circumstances will retain the opportunity to submit their application as long as they inform NWO of their reasons before 8 September 2020. Please send this message to This arrangement applies to candidates for whom the 2020 round would be the last or second-last opportunity for submission. Candidates for whom 2020 is their last year of submission will then be accepted in the 2021 round. Candidates who still have two opportunities to submit and for whom 2021 would be their last year of submission will then be accepted in the 2021 and 2022 rounds.

    In the context of this one-off arrangement, researchers can submit a duly motivated request to NWO to gain access to the 2021 round, for example because they face time constraints as a result of their situation at home, the lockdown of academic institutions, clinical tasks related to the coronavirus or an infection with the coronavirus. A condition is that researchers should still be able to submit in the 2020 round. That means that they meet at least the following condition(s):
    • On 1 October 2020, it will not have been more than eight years since they obtained their PhD;
    • And they still have one or two opportunities to submit.

The applicable extension regulations still fully apply. Researchers are asked to explain circumstances that are beyond their control (such as care tasks, no access to research facility, etc.) which have caused/are causing significant delays to their preparation of a Vidi application for the 2020 round.In addition, NWO is providing all applicants in the Talent Scheme (both in the 2020 Vidi round and in all future Talent Line rounds) with space in the application form to explain the circumstances that have led to reduced productivity.

What does this mean for you as an applicant?

  • Was the 2019 round your last opportunity to submit?
    Unfortunately, then you are not eligible for an arrangement.
  • Is the 2020 round your last opportunity to submit?
    Submitting in 2021 is possible by means of a duly motivated request before 8 September 2020. In that case, the candidate declines to submit in 2020.
  • Is your last opportunity to submit in the 2021 round?
    Then there is a possibility to submit in 2021 and 2022 by means of a duly motivated request before 8 September 2020. This is only an option if the applicant has not made a previous submission for a Vidi.

Source: NWO