Four fisheries innovation projects awarded

19 May 2020

Four new research projects aimed at innovation within the fishing sector will start this year. The projects have been awarded funding within the programme Research towards Sustainable Fisheries (RSF).

Fishing boats in the port

The research projects focus on improving fishing nets to save fuel and disrupt the seabed less, new methods for capturing mussel spat, improving models to predict the ecological impact of new fishing gear and detecting and capturing fish in a more ecologically responsible manner with the help of electric fields. The projects have been awarded a total of 1.4 million euros.

Researchers from Marin Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), TU Delft and Wageningen University and Research have set to work on the projects. In addition, the sector organisations VisNed and the Dutch Fishermen’s Association are involved in the project as potential users of the developed knowledge, as equally the Visserij-innovatiecentrum (Fisheries innovation centre) and companies from the fishing sector. The sector will provide the researchers with feedback during special meetings.

Broad research into innovation

The research proposals have been awarded within the call RSF-Short Innovation Projects (RSF-SHIP) which is intended for short-term research projects aimed at making sustainable fisheries even more sustainable still. The projects have a maximum duration of two years. The call is part of a broader research programme into innovation in the fishing sector for which the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has made funding available. The RSF programme is being realised by NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences. Within the research, the collaboration between scientists and the fishing sector is specifically encouraged because that increases the chances of the knowledge acquired being used in practice.

Second call

After RSF-SHIP, another second call for proposals will follow for larger research projects with respect to innovation issues within the fishing sector. This is expected in the autumn of 2020.

Projects RSF-SHIP

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Source: NWO


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