Attention for women’s position in science

15 May 2020

NWO has received signals from FEM (Female Empowerment Maastricht) and Athena's Angels about the negative impact that the lockdown measures are having on women in science. NWO is grateful for these strong signals because they help NWO remain alert. That is why NWO would like to discuss these issues with FEM and Athena’s Angels. NWO is taking the utmost care to limit the negative consequences of these issues and will continue to offer equal opportunities to as many applicants as possible.

Applicants can appeal to the compensation schemes. For example, both male and female applicants can make use of the child leave scheme. In individual cases, more flexibility and tailor-made solutions are often possible than can be found in general guidelines. This does not alter the fact that NWO is bound by laws and regulations to guarantee as level a playing field as possible.

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Source: NWO