NWO urges COVID-19 and related research to be made open access!

31 March 2020

To fight the current crisis, it is crucial that researchers, policymakers, practitioners and the public at large are given open access to scientific knowledge. And this goes beyond biomedical literature and data. NWO is calling on Dutch researchers to make their work open access.

Open access to research is crucial to combat the current crisis. NWO and ZonMw have already joined forces with other research funders to support the call for all COVID-related publications and data to be made open access. Many academic publishers are already doing that. It often concerns biomedical literature with a direct relationship to COVID-19. But we are going to need so much more vital research to deal with the major social, economic and socio-psychological consequences of this pandemic. With NWO, the SSH domain (‘SSH beraad’) therefore launched an expertise portal for the social sciences and humanities in the Netherlands.

Research can already be published open access, for example through the deals that VSNU has made with major publishers. What many academics do not know, is that the Dutch copyright law gives every researcher in the Netherlands the right to make their articles and book chapters available in open access terms (6 months after publication). In the “You share, we take care” project, the Dutch university libraries help out researchers who want to openly share their work through the university repositories.

Share your data on

The www.openaccess.nl website offers tips on how to openly share your COVID-related research and how your university library can help.

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