Interviews for NWO grant rounds postponed, NWO events cancelled

13 March 2020

In light of the measures introduced to contain the corona virus, NWO feels compelled to take several measures regarding the grant process.

We are doing this because we believe it is important to refrain from asking candidates, committee members and employees to carry out activities that are being discouraged by the government and because we realise what an impact our decisions about applications will have and therefore want to be extremely careful. The latter is become increasingly difficult as a result of the many justified cancellations.

Interview rounds postponed

NWO has decided to postpone the interview rounds for ongoing grant rounds, such as the Vidi, with immediate effect. Everyone who has received an invitation to be interviewed will receive a personal message about this in the coming days. The way things stand right now, interviews will be postponed for several months.

Meetings evaluation committees

The meetings of the evaluation committee will essentially all take place, but not physically. For the time being, these measures apply until 1 April. When further national guidelines are announced at that point, NWO will decide on how to proceed.

New grant rounds

NWO will decide in the coming days about launching new grant rounds s. Further announcements about this will be published on the website.

NWO is fully aware of the impact that postponing and deferring grants and delaying the launch of new rounds can have on applicants but does not believe it has a choice in light of the current situation.


NWO’s scheduled meetings and events, such as the NAC Conference and ICT.Open, have been cancelled. This applies to all meetings until 1 April.

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Source: NWO