Advisory structure NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities: composition SSH roundtables

20 March 2020

The NWO Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Domain Board wants to enter into a sustainable collaboration with the SSH research field for the purpose of shaping NWO policy. This same wish has been expressed by researchers in the social sciences and humanities. The Domain Board is establishing SSH roundtables to structure the discussions with the field. The composition of these roundtables is now known; the chairs and members have been selected from a large number of interested persons from across the entire breadth of the social sciences and humanities.

The composition

There are six SSH roundtables, which will each represent a cluster of academic disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. The allocation is as follows:

  • Roundtable Cultural Sciences & Linguistics
  • Roundtable Economics & Business Administration
  • Roundtable Philosophy, Historical Sciences & Religious Studies
  • Roundtable Behaviour & Education
  • Roundtable Law & Public Administration
  • Roundtable Social Sciences

Aim, structure and approach SSH roundtables

The aim of the roundtables is, based on the needs and wishes of the researchers represented, to advise the SSH Domain Board about policy, programming in the context of the Dutch Research Agenda, the mission-driven innovation policy and NWO procedures. Each advisory roundtable will consist of twelve researchers, including the chairs. The aim is that the roundtables jointly form as accurate a reflection as possible of the SSH research field. The roundtables will meet about four times per year and in the intervening period can maintain contact by phone or email. Interested persons who were not selected for membership are warmly invited to remain involved with the roundtables, if they so wish. The roundtables will discuss how that can be realised.


Contact persons for the SSH roundtables are Janneke van Kersen and Mariël Schweizer. They can be reached by email via, and by phone via +31 70 349 4572 (Janneke) or +31 70 344 0939 (Mariël).

Source: NWO