Top-Up funding awarded within the programme Sustainable Business Models Top-Up

6 February 2020

Four consortia of researchers, organisations and companies have received funding from a Top-Up round for the NWO programme Sustainable Business Models (SBM). This Top-Up funding has been made available with the aim of encouraging knowledge sharing and dissemination of results from the current SBM I & II projects.

DBM Top-Up projects are specific, demarcated valorisation projects for the current SBM projects. An important criterion for the award was that the Top-Up funding should mainly be used for new ways of knowledge sharing, preferably using multimedia.

A total of 198,844 euros was awarded for these projects (in alphabetic order, by name of the project leader):

Upscaling car sharing in the Netherlands through partnerships between housing associations and car sharing organisations

Led by Prof. Koen Frenken (Utrecht University)
Collaborating partners: Utrecht University,
Greenwheels, MyWheels, Hely, Bundesverband carsharing

This project examines the drivers and barriers of car sharing and bike sharing services for housing associations and in new construction projects. From this analysis, we develop an interactive online guide with templates on how to realise such projects successfully to scale up carsharing and bike-sharing in the Netherlands.

Building Knowledge for Successful Circular Start-up Innovation Ecosystems

Led by Julian Kirchherr (Utrecht University)
Collaborating partners: Circle Economy (BV), ING

This project aims to ensure that the cutting-edge knowledge generated by our DBM project on circular start-up ecosystems is valorised to accelerate transitions towards a circular economy, through three activities: 1) a circular start-up webinar series, 2) a symposium on circular start-up ecosystems, and 3) a handbook for circular entrepreneurs.

The Goose Game on the Dutch Energy Transition 

Led by Prof. Hans van Kranenburg (Radboud University)
Collaborating partners: Alliander, TNO, NG Infra

Playing the Goose Game on the Dutch Energy transition will clarify the steps an organisation in the Dutch energy sector should take in to contribute to the energy transition. The game is based on 10 years of scientific research on the implementation of the energy transition in organisations in the Dutch energy sector.

Multimedia platform development for Action Repertoire for Distributed Business Models in Inclusive Business Value Chains

Led by Prof. Petra de Weerd-Nederhof (University of Twente)
Collaborating partners: University of Twente, TNXTO, TNO, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, 2Scale, BOP innovation center

A multimedia platform will be developed and launched around an assessment framework with which stakeholders of scaling inclusive business models can evaluate themselves and create an improvement plan. This is linked to best practices. The platform will be deployed within the communities of 2Scale, BoPINC, IBAN, TNXTO and TNO I4D.

More information

The aim of the NWO research programme Sustainable Business Models (SBM) is to develop new scientific knowledge and methods that will accelerate the switch to sustainable business models in the Netherlands and at the same time assist companies in the direct application of the insights developed.

DBM is a joint initiative of entrepreneurs association De Groene Zaak (now merged into MVO Nederland), research network Het Groene Brein and the Dutch Research Council (NWO). In two funding rounds (2014 and 2018), projects from eight consortia were awarded funding. SBM connects research and industry and offers insights and concrete action perspectives for the transition to a more circular economy.

Contact person
Anthony Gadsdon, NWO, programme secretary Sustainable Business Models,

Source: NWO