The Dutch Research Council (NWO) awards €1.5 million to socially responsible blockchain innovations

9 January 2020

The NWO Domain Science board has allocated €1.5 million to coherent research in the field of socially responsible blockchain innovations. This study’s multidisciplinary research team will focus specifically on the potential social impact of blockchain innovations.

The following proposal has been approved:

A blockchain economy that is both legally compliant and reliable

Dr J.A. Pouwelse of the Delft University of Technology

Trust – the very fabric of society and the economy – is built on the solid foundations of past experience. This proposal’s objective is to design an internet-based system for storing all sorts of transactions in a blockchain, in a way that is both legally compliant and reliable. People will then be able to use this system as a basis for placing their trust in a given individual or company.

About this call
This call is being funded by Holland High Tech, the NWO Domain Science, and Responsible Innovation (NWO–MVI). The proposal is in line with the Dutch Blockchain Research Agenda. A total of two proposals were submitted in this round. However, no more than one proposal could be approved.

About Responsible Innovation (NWO–MVI)
The Responsible Innovation programme was created to deliver socially acceptable innovations. The researchers – who represent a range of scientific disciplines – identify the social aspects of their research at a very early stage. This ensures that these aspects are taken into account during the design and development processes. The key element of the Responsible Innovation approach is that stakeholders are involved in research projects from the very start. Their understanding of everyday practice gives them a unique perspective of the research results’ applicability and implementation.

About Holland High Tech
Holland High Tech is the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) of the High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) top sector. The HTSM programme challenges researchers and companies to jointly develop the knowledge needed to make technological breakthroughs and to deliver innovative applications.


Source: NWO