Doctoral Grants for Teachers awarded second round 2019

30 January 2020

Twenty-four laureates have received a Doctoral Grant for Teachers. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science makes 9.5 million euros available each year for the PhD positions. With the grant, the teachers receive the opportunity to further develop themselves and to strengthen the link between universities and schools. This is the fifteenth funding round of Doctoral Grants for Teachers.

Doctoral Grants for Teachers is a science-wide programme. Interestingly this year, in contrast to previous years, many proposals were submitted from the natural sciences, such as the engineering sciences, earth sciences and medicine. The subjects of the proposals awarded funding are diverse: from a study into stroke rehabilitation at home, fauna on coral reefs, adhesive bonds in composites (mechanical engineering), and atherosclerosis that influences infarcts, to research into 3D printing, segregation in education, oral literature in Africa and teaching in a culturally responsive manner.

The applicants of the research projects awarded funding will spend the next five years doing research that will eventually lead to a PhD graduation.

Who can apply?

Teachers who want to be considered for a doctoral grant must find a supervisor at a Dutch university and submit a research plan to the Dutch Research Council (NWO). Applicants may choose their own research topic.

An important aspect is that the knowledge and research experience acquired in the doctoral research must benefit both science and education practice. Teachers who are accepted into the programme are released from their educational duties for a period of five years at a maximum of 0.4 fte per year without loss of salary so that they can work on their doctoral research.

The Doctoral Grants for Teachers programme was established in 2011. Various teachers have already obtained their doctorate with a doctoral grant.

What effect has the research had on educational practice?

View the example of a laureate from the Doctoral Grant for Teachers programme who is doing doctoral research at the Hotel School in The Hague (in Dutch, no subtitles).

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Source: NWO