NWO funding for learning and innovation in the technical installation sector

3 December 2019

Within the NWO-wide Human Capital programming, three proposals have been awarded funding under the funding instrument Learning in Learning Communities. This concerns a total investment of 1.8 million euros, of which 0.3 million euros is public-private funding. The research focuses on innovations in learning-work environments in the technical installation sector. The research questions have come from everyday practice. Besides increasing fundamental insights about learning and innovation in learning-work environments, the research will also provide a perspective on tangible and practical tools for the technical installation sector.

Banner Human Capital Learning in Learning Communities

The learning-work environments to be investigated must satisfy the model Learning Community (in Dutch) as introduced by the top sectors. Research contributes to the Knowledge and Innovation Contract (KIC) 2018-2019 (in Dutch) and in the context of the top sectors the Top Sector Creative Industry Call and the Social Infrastructure Agenda (SIA) are part of this contract.

Public-private partnership

Each project is realised by an applying consortium in which universities, universities of applied sciences and the technical installation sector are represented.

This programme for public-private research has been made possible by the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO), Taskforce for Applied Research (NPRO-SIA) and the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). The call has been set up with the help of OTIB, the training and development fund for the technical installation sector.

More information about the programme Human Capital - Learning in Learning Communities.

List with proposals awarded funding

Below you will find a list with a three proposals awarded funding, the main applicants, and a short description of their research project.

Hit the gas! Learning communities to accelerate learning and innovation in the installation sector

M.D. Endedijk PhD, Twente University

Co applicants: M.D. Hubers PhD, S. Corporaal PhD, M. J. van Riemsdijk PhD, M. W. Vos PhD

The energy transition and the associated demand for changing skills of installation workers requires innovation of learning-work arrangements. This project examines the building blocks of effective and
sustainable learning communities to stimulate learning and innovation. These insights lead to practical and relevant tools for the installation sector.

Consortiumpartners: Saxion Hogeschool, Installatiebedrijf G. van Dam B.V., Alferink B.V., Jan Nijhof B.V., Geas Energiewacht B.V., Loohuis Installatietechnieken B.V., Winkels Techniek B.V., Engberink Technische Installaties, Stichting ISSO, Stichting Pioneering, OTIB, ROC van Twente

GoPro Learning Communities: Connecting learning at school and learning at the workplace

B.J. Kollöffel PhD, Twente University

Co applicant: Dr. E. R. Savelsbergh

This project aims at bridging the gap between learning at school and at the workplace. We will investigate the integration of GoPro technology and teaching methods to connect teachers, supervisors, and students, to facilitate knowledge sharing and feedback, and help the students become skilled, reflective, self-regulated, lifelong learners and workers.

Consortiumpartners: Hogeschool Utrecht, TUDelft,Koning Willem I College, Bouwend Nederland, Consortium Beroepsonderwijs, Stichting Samenwerking Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (S-BB), O&O fonds Netwerkbedrijven, Alliander, Baas, BAM Infra Energie & Water, Heijmans, Visser & Smit Hanab, Volker Wessels Telecom, GOA Leidingtechniek, OTIB, Stichting Branchesamenwerking Leermiddelen en Examenproducten Infratechniek (BLEI), Stichting ESMEI, Stichting Stipel.


Prof. M.M. Specht

Co applicants: E.E. Sjoer PhD, Prof.L.C.M. Itard, Prof. W. Zeiler

TransAct will research and develop a lifelong learning network model and develop approaches to empower individuals in exploration, monitoring, and planning of personal knowledge and competences in learning communities. TransAct will embed this in formal and informal learning communities in the Building sector from HBO, HO and professional development.

Consortiumpartners: Haagse Hogeschool, TU Eindhoven, Halmos Adviseurs B.V., Kropman Installatietechniek B.V., Stichting ISSO, Avans+, Avans Hogeschool, Caleffi International N.V., OTIB, TVVL, Kennis & Praktijkcentrum Energietransitie-ROC Mondriaan (KPE), Bouw en Techniek Innovatiecentrum-TNO (BTIC).

Source: NWO