New NWA call for proposals: with cybersecurity to a safe and reliable digital domain

16 December 2019

The Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) is making more than eight million euros available for research by consortia into a safe and reliable digital domain. The call intends to find ways of realising secure and reliable data sharing, both now and in the future. The call for proposals focuses on governance and cybersecurity, whether or not in combination with cryptology.

The total budget of the call for proposals is 8.11 million euros. The deadline for submitting full proposals is 31 March 2020. There is no pre-proposals phase and no other letters of intent are required.

A key question with respect to the secure and reliable sharing of data is whether, and if so, how we can safeguard the public values of security and reliability through the use of technology. The call "Cybersecurity" will try to find answers to questions concerning responsibilities and action perspectives in the digital domain for government bodies, institutions, companies and citizens. How information can be shared safely and reliably and under which conditions will also be considered.

Research into the governance aspects of cybersecurity will focus on the entire chain, all domains, vital infrastructures and liability regimes. Examples are research into legislation and (international) standards and norms for the purpose of a safer cyberspace. Also privacy by design and security, governance structures, proficient and safe behaviour by citizens in cyberspace and public-private collaboration emphatically fall within the frameworks. The proposed research may also solely focus on governance and cryptology.

Consortia that receive funding will have an interdisciplinary composition across the entire knowledge chain. Specific attention will be given to talent development: for research talent from the societal field there will be plenty of opportunities for PhD research.

This call for proposals was realised in the context of programme line 2 of the NWA programme. In this line, which always has a specific research theme, NWO works together with government departments. The initiators of the call "Cybersecurity" are the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice and Security, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

About the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA)

The Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) describes broad, challenging subjects that require a national approach and with which Dutch research can strengthen society and the knowledge economy. The NWA was established through an innovative process that involved the input of citizens and scientists. The NWA is from and for everybody; therefore it can only be implemented with the involvement of everybody! On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science  (OCW) NWO has funded interdisciplinary research across the entire knowledge chain in the context of the NWA since 2018, for example via thematic programming. The aim of the thematic NWA programmes, which are realised in collaboration with government ministries, is to find answers to current societal questions.

Source: NWO