Grants NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences December 2019

12 December 2019

The board of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has granted 66 projects within the programmes High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), Open Technology Programme, Partnership NWO Domain AES - ESI: Mastering Complexity (MasCot) and Take-off.


A total of 22 projects can start within the High Tech Systems and Materials programme (HTSM). More than 13 million euros is available for the cooperation between researchers and companies, including co-funding of almost 4 million euros. The projects are diverse: the development of simulation technologies for optical design, a high-tech platform for monitoring the flow of crowds (in collaboration with ProRail and the City of Amsterdam) and components for equipment in the food processing industry that are easy to clean and print.

From 2020 funding for HTSM research will be available via the call for Key Technologies, resulting from the NWO contribution to the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant.

Overview of granted projects HTSM 2019

Open Technology Programme

In December, the board of NWO Domain AES granted 7 research projects within the Open Technology Programme (OTP). The projects range from biotechnology to video surveillance and from solar cells to improving aviation emissions.

The Open Technology Programme is open to excellent research aimed at the possible implementation of the results. The programme offers companies and other organisations an easily accessible way of becoming involved in scientific research that leads to usable knowledge.

From 1 January 2020 onwards, other conditions will apply, and other forms should be used. These changes are part of the harmonisation of funding instruments within NWO. The new call text and forms are available on the funding page of OTP 2020. Read more about the changes in the Open Technology Programme.

Overview of granted projects Open Technology Programme

Partnership NWO Domain AES - ESI: Mastering Complexity (MasCot)

Four insightful and innovative research projects will start in the Partnership Mastering Complexity (MasCot). NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences together with ESI (TNO) fund research in the next generation of engineering methodologies, that help managing the increasing complexity of high-tech systems. Three million euros will be available for research on software restructurings, testing, scheduling and CPS design.

Overview of granted projects Partnership NWO Domain AES - ESI


Take-off is a funding instrument aimed at stimulating and supporting business activity and entrepreneurship originating in science.

In Take-off's autumn 2019 round, 24 feasibility studies were given the green light. It is striking that in this round the grants have been distributed more evenly across the various fields of science. For example, there are more awards within the alpha/gamma cluster. Nine young starters also receive a loan from Take-off: the early-stage funding offers them a maximum amount of 250,000 euros. These capital injections will benefit a.o. innovative battery solutions for electric vehicles, smart punching bags that provide real-time feedback during boxing workouts and specific materials that offer an environmentally friendly technology for energy conversion. Take-off’s new round is open for applications on Monday 6 January 2020.

Overview of granted projects
- Feasibility studies (phase 1), wo
- Feasibility studies (phase 1), TO2
- Early stage route (phase 2)

Source: NWO