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Sought: members this for the SSH roundtables

12 December 2019

The NWO Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Domain Board wants to enter into a sustainable collaboration with the SSH research field to shape NWO policy. Researchers in the social sciences and humanities have expressed the same wish. The Domain Board is establishing SSH roundtables to structure the discussions with the field. The chairs of these roundtables have already been selected; now we are looking for researchers interested in becoming roundtable members.

About the roundtables

The aim of the roundtables is, based on the researchers’ needs and wishes, to advise the Domain Board about policy, programming in the context of the Dutch Research Agenda, mission-driven innovation policy and NWO procedures. Each roundtable will act on behalf of a cluster of academic disciplines (for this you are also referred to the roundtable allocation on the NWO website). The roundtables will be made up of several researchers in various phases of their career. The aim is that the roundtables reflect the SSH research field.

Sought: members this for the SSH roundtables

Are you interested in becoming a member of an SSH roundtable? Then state this interest no later than 17 February 2020 via the registration page on the NWO website. Would you like to know more? Then please mail or phone Janneke van Kersen or Mariël Schweizer:, +31 70 349 4572 (Janneke) or +31 70 344 0939 (Mariël).

Discussion subjects

Possible subjects for discussion for the new SSH roundtables are: changes in the form of the SSH Open Competition, recognition and reward within the social sciences and humanities, and putting research relevant to the social sciences and humanities on the agenda of the mission-driven innovation policy 2020-2023. The roundtables will also be given the room to put subjects on the agenda. Therefore, each time, developments within the social sciences and humanities as well as questions from NWO will be considered in tandem. The recommendations from the roundtables will be highly valuable input for the NWO SSH Domain Board as it develops policy. In all cases, the roundtables will receive a response to their recommendations in which it will be specified how these are influencing the policy.

Why are roundtables needed?

Since 2017, NWO has been organised in domains; each domain is headed up by a board. The SSH domain is very broad and contains a large number of academic disciplines. The roundtables will enable the SSH Domain Board to maintain an optimal feeling for the breadth and variety within the research field to help ensure that policy, programming and procedures from NWO match the interests of the SSH research field in the best possible way.

Allocation and working method SSH roundtables

Six roundtables will be established on the basis of disciplines and each of these roundtables will be supported by an NWO secretary. The roundtables will meet about three times per year and between these meetings they can maintain contact via mail or phone. Each roundtable will have a maximum of eight researchers in various phases of their career. The aim is that the roundtables reflect the SSH research field. For each roundtable, two co-chairs have already been appointed (one mid-career and one senior) and these will be announced during the NWO Synergy Conference on 6 February 2020. On 17 April 2020, the first roundtable meeting will take place with all chairs and roundtable members.

Source: NWO