Innovators celebrate innovation at TEKNOWLOGY 2019

14 November 2019

‘These are the people who shape our future.’ Chair Art Rooijakkers summarised what TEKNOWLOGY, the innovation festival of NWO, once again stood for this year. Hundreds of innovators gathered in Amersfoort on 7 November to look and listen to the latest examples of innovation and valorisation. And above all: to meet each other and exchange new ideas.

And that is precisely why, for the third year in a row, NWO organised TEKNOWLOGY: not only to demonstrate and celebrate the latest innovations, but also as a meeting place for all those people from science, industry and social organizations working on innovation. More than four hundred visitors listened to inspiring keynotes in the Rijtuigenloods, took part in workshops, were surprised by the latest innovations or made a virtual trip to Amsterdam, The Hague or Venice at the "Cold Fair".

TEKNOWLOGY demo market

At the bustling demo market, researchers presented the very latest technologies in areas such as energy saving, medical technology, autonomous driving and forensic research. Participants received information about the various NWO funding instruments in workshops. There were also informative sessions about writing a good research proposal or translating technological innovations into practical application.


Impactful new lines of research

The afternoon session was dominated by, among other things, the announcement of the five research programmes that together receive 18 million euros from NWO's Perspective programme. This instrument, financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, challenges scientists to set up new lines of research with economic and social impact in close cooperation with the business community and social organisations. The five consortia were highlighted by Focco Vijselaar, Director General at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In the subsequent panel discussion, he spoke with Jaap Schouten, chairman of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences, Pauline Herder of the top sector energy, and others about the role of science in innovation.

TEKNOWLOGY panel discussion

There were also prizes of 50,000 euros for five out-of-the-box projects within the Open Mind programme. Jury chairman Hans Jeekel (professor of Societal aspects of smart mobility at the Eindhoven University of Technology) announced the names of the winners, who had given the most impressive pitches about their projects to the jury and the public earlier in the day. With the amount received, they can further develop their ideas in the coming year.


Gathering of all disciplines

There were keynote speeches from Eindhoven University of Technology professor Henk Corporaal about deep learning and health psychologist Andrea Evers, winner of the Stevin Prize earlier this year. She spoke about the impact of scientific research and stressed the importance of - sometimes unexpected - collaborations with people and organisations in other fields and various social sectors. A story that fitted nicely into the goal of TEKNOWLOGY as a whole, she underlined afterwards: ‘Here really all those different areas come together. On the one hand you see a gathering of the fundamental and applied researchers from different disciplines. But it is also very nice to see how the connection is made here to social and private partners. Real innovation can only come about in this way. "

The next edition of TEKNOWLOGY will take place in November 2020. Soon more information will follow on this website.

Photography: Bram Saeys

Source: NWO


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