Grants NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences November 2019

14 November 2019

This month funding has been granted to research projects within the programmes Materialen NL: Challenges, Open Mind, Perspectief and Partnership NWO Domain AES-Dutch Cancer Society and Top Sector Life Sciences & Health: Technology for Oncology II. Below an oveview of the granted projects in each programme.

Materials NL: Challenges

Funding instrument Materials NL: Challenges adresses the challenges in the interdisciplinary materials science field.

Open Mind

Fifteen nominated Open Mind teams pitched their ideas during the NWO Innovation Festival TEKNOWLOGY, on 7 November 2019. A jury evaluated the proposals. The five best received plans were awarded funding for a year amounting 50,000 euros.


Within Perspectief, scientists, companies and social organisations are able to implement a comprehensive research programme concerning new technology through consortia. Such a programme usually consists of four to eight projects which approach the overarching theme from various research directions, with an explicit focus on application. The parties collectively establish new lines of research which coordinate with the Top Sectors. These programmes can now get started:

More information can be found in this news item, or watch the programme video's.

Partnership NWO Domain AES-KWF Kankerbestrijding-Top Sector Life Science & Health

The projects below have received funding within the research programme Technology for Oncology II. In this programme, the collaboration between researchers from the fields of oncology and technology together with industrial partners is important. This combination must lead to new breakthroughs in the area of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and quality of life for (future) cancer patients.

Source: NWO