Wide-ranging study into innovation in the fishing sector

17 October 2019

Which methods contribute to reduced energy consumption for fishers? And which techniques help reduce seabed disturbance? This year, a wide-ranging study will start that focuses on innovation for a sustainable fishing industry. The first call will be published in November 2019. NWO invites interested persons to attend an information meeting on 29 November, to jointly realise ideas for research.

Vissersboten in de haven

Innovation aimed at increasing sustainability must help the fishing industry to prepare for current and future changes. In the coalition agreement, a total of 15 million euros has been made available for research into innovation within the sector. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality will allocate this to different innovation programs aimed at both fundamental and application oriented research. NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has an executive role within one of the components of the study, called Onderzoek voor Duurzame Visserij (ODV, research for sustainable fishing)


The ODV focuses on the research that can lead to new applications and on knowledge generation for the (further) development of technical innovations that benefit the primary fisheries. For this approach, collaboration between researchers and the fishing sector is of paramount importance. The aim is to realise new ideas to make the fishing industry more sustainable. In that regard, researchers are encouraged to work in a multidisciplinary manner as much as possible. Within this research, three innovation domains have been selected: selective fishing, reducing the footprint of the fishing sector, for example through technical innovations of ships, and alternative fishing methods.

User committees

NWO Domain AES will bring together researchers, fishers and other relevant parties with the aim of enabling them to jointly come up with and realise research proposals. This approach increases the chance of research results being applied in practice. Throughout the research, the researchers and users will meet during user committees, where the sector will provide feedback to the researchers. The input from the fishing sector will help to ensure that the research projects match the needs of the sector.

Call for proposals

Researchers with ideas for research aimed at innovations in the fishing sector can apply for funding in a call for proposals for short-term research as well as a thematic call for research on innovation issues in the longer term. The publication date of the call for short-term research is the week of 18 November 2019. A budget of about 2 million euros will be made available for this funding round. The expected publication date for the thematic call for proposals is early 2021.

Information meeting

Prior to the publication of the first call, an information meeting will take place on 29 November 2019. Besides further information on the call, those attending will have the opportunity to make acquaintance with other parties and enter into collaborations. You can register for this meeting on this page (Dutch only). More information about the call and the matchmaking event can be found on the NWO website.

Source: NWO


Dr. Peter Spierenburg (Programmamedewerker) Dr. Peter Spierenburg (Programmamedewerker) +31 (0)30 6001291 innovisserij@nwo.nl


Dr. Mirka Macel (Programmamedewerker) Dr. Mirka Macel (Programmamedewerker) +31 (0)30 6001392 innovisserij@nwo.nl