Candidates sought for NWO Vening Meinesz Prize for Earth Sciences

1 October 2019

The NWO Science Domain Board is seeking candidates for the Vening Meinesz Prize. Earth scientists can nominate colleagues who gained a doctorate less than six years ago (2014 or later) and who are working as a scientific researcher in the Netherlands.

The prize is possible thanks to a gift from Prof. Felix Vening Meinesz to NWO in 1962. The prize is worth 10,000 euros and is intended to fund research-related costs. The prize will be awarded during the 16th NAC Conference (Nederlands Aardwetenschappelijk Congres) on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 March 2020 in Utrecht. NWO awards the Vening Meinesz Prize once every two years.

On behalf of the selection committee, NWO would like to receive recommendations for suitable candidates. The nominations must contain a curriculum vitae with a publication list, a motivation regarding the reason for the nomination, the scientific achievements realised so far and the nominator's expectations of the candidate.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Thursday, 2 January 2020. For nominations and questions, please contact Bernard Westerop,, +31 70 344 0637, Postal address: NWO Science, f.a.o. Bernard Westerop, PO Box 93460, 2509 AL The Hague.

The Vening Meinesz Prize was awarded to:

  • Dr N. Wanders (2018)
  • Dr L.V. de Groot (2016)
  • Dr J.E. Vonk (2014)
  • Dr J.W.H. Weijers (2012)
  • Dr A. Sluijs (2010)
  • Dr G. van der Werf (2008)
  • Dr W. van Westrenen (2006)
  • Dr W. Krijgsman (2000)
  • Dr F. Marin (1998)
  • Dr R.K. Snieder (1989)
  • Dr A.M.H. Nolet (1983)
  • Dr N. van Breemen (1976)
  • Dr J.A. Schouten (1972)
  • Dr G.B. Engelen (1972)
  • Dr J.D.A. Zijderveld (1968)
  • Dr R.D. Schuiling (1965)

Source: NWO