Call Energiesysteemintegratie opens

2 October 2019

In close collaboration with the System Integration Program of the Top Sector Energy, NWO is organizing a third call in the Energy System Integration program.

In the call 'Energy System Integration: Towards a future-proof, affordable and reliable energy system' researchers of NWO-acknowledged knowledge institutes, TO2-institutes and universities of applied science can submit proposals in the area of Energy system integration. A budget of 4,7 – 5,0 million euros is made available, provided by NWO-ENW, NWO-SGW, Topsector Energy, and Taskforce for Applied Research SIA. Additionally, Netherlands eScience Center provides eScience Research Engineers worth 1,2 million euros.

Energy system integration

The call 'Energy system integration' focuses on the integration issues of energy systems on various scales, such as coupling and optimizing the infrastructures for production, transport and storage of energy, finding optimal transition paths, etc. The system as a whole is central here, not specific parts. The aim of the call is also to make digital technologies for energy system integration widely available.
This demands multidisciplinary approaches, including mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, economics, public administration, psychology, law, innovation sciences, ethics, etc. The multidisciplinary approach is therefore included in the evaluation of the proposals. This approach can consist of combining disciplines within one domain (i.e. either beta / technical, or alpha, or gamma), or combining disciplines from two or all of the aforementioned domains.

For whom?

The call is relevant for researchers in science and technology disciplines, as well as disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Researchers from NWO-acknowledged institutes can submit as a main applicant or as co-applicant. Researchers from universities of applied sciences and TO2 institutions can also apply for salary costs. They can only act as co-applicants.


An eScience Research Engineer will be added to each project awarded funding. Each proposal should therefore contain an approach for the eScience component of the research. Furthermore, proposals should have a design that is as multidisciplinary as possible. There is a compulsory in-kind or cash contribution in addition to the project budget requested from NWO, which must be provided by public/private parties.

Information and matchmaking event

On 23 May 2019 an information and matchmaking event has taken place. You can read more about this event here. It is not necessary to have participated in this meeting to submit a proposal in this call.

Publication call

The call will be published on 3 October 2019 on the programme page. The documents belonging to the call (a.o. the application form) and the possibility to submit an application will be made available within one week, on the funding web page of the call. You will find a link to the funding web page from 3 October onward at the bottom of the programme page).

Source: NWO