Pre-announcement: two calls for proposals for future-proof care

18 September 2019

The Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI) will publish two new calls for proposals in October 2019 under the theme Technology for staffable healthcare.

Due to the ageing population and the growing number of people with chronic illnesses, the demand for healthcare in the Netherlands is strongly increasing. We therefore face several societal challenges. Besides the shortage of healthcare personnel, healthcare costs continue to rise as a result of the increasing demand. Changes are needed to ensure healthcare in the Netherlands remains affordable and staffable.

Technology for staffable care: one goal, two calls for proposals

IMDI is publishing two new multidisciplinary calls for proposals in October 2019 aimed at tackling the increasing shortage of healthcare personnel and safeguarding the accessibility of healthcare.

Call for proposals 1: Breakthrough projects

This call is for new ideas/insights and unexpected breakthroughs in the field of medical technology that satisfy the IMDI objectives. These so-called breakthrough projects, in which alfa, beta and gamma scientists work together, form the basis for new lines of research and collaborations in the future. It concerns short projects with a limited budget (about 150,000 euros).

Call for proposals 2: Demonstration projects

This call focuses on the further development of technology already validated in the lab into a Minimal Viable Product that will subsequently be validated in the living and/or care environment. Parallel to this, activities will be realised aimed at transferring the technology to a party that will assume responsibility for implementing it into healthcare practice. This concerns large projects realised by consortia of knowledge institutions, healthcare institutions and for-profit enterprises.

Further information and details will be made available in the calls for proposals when these are published in October on, and


IMDI is a strategic public-private partnership, which has started in 2010. It specifically focuses on the development and application of medical technology that tackles the increasing shortage of healthcare personnel and safeguards accessibility to healthcare in an individual's living environment. A major contribution in these areas can be expected from medical technology in particular.

These calls for proposals from the IMDI programme under the theme “Technology for staffable healthcare” have been realised through a collaboration between NWO, ZonMw and the top sector Life Sciences and Health (Health~Holland).

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