Save the date: Closing session of NWO Smart Governance programme

Smart new modes of governance

20 August 2019

What is ‘smart governance’ and what makes ‘smart governance’ smart? How can smart governance provide an answer to complex societal challenges? Find out at the final session of the NWO ‘Smart Governance’ research programme on Friday afternoon, 4 October.

Programme Smart Governance

The relationship between government and citizens is changing, the government’s role in society is changing and ‘old’ governance methods are not always appropriate for today’s complex societal challenges. Five research groups started working in the NWO Smart Governance programme in 2014, each with their own governance practice. In cooperation with professional partners, they set to work on questions about smart governance: What actually makes smart governance arrangements smart? Who exactly are they effective for? Does smart governance live up to expectations? And, what can we learn from examples of smart governance?

Final session 4 October

At the final session on 4 October, the researchers will present their provisional final results and discuss them with the audience. The session will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands; the working language will be Dutch.

Outline of afternoon programme

13:15 - Doors open


  • Opening
  • Spotlight on five smart governance practices
    • Researchers from the five projects present their results
    • Other researchers in the programme reflect on these results
    • Discussion with the audience
  • Final analysis & discussion – presentation of booklet

17:00 - Drinks

There will be a private lunch prior to the session for the five project leaders to evaluate the programme.


Friday afternoon, 4 October 2019


NWO Utrecht
Winthontlaan 2
3526 KV Utrecht
The Netherlands

Further information and registration

Participation is free of charge but registration is required.

For more information about the session and to register, please send an email to Ymkje de Boer,, +31 206 376 537.

About the five research projects

Each research project studied one ‘governance practice’. The programme comprised the following research projects:

  • The collaboration between emergency services and citizens during crisis situations and disasters in and around internet platforms
    chaired by dr Kees Boersma, VU Amsterdam
  • Forms of relational governance in Public Private Partnership projects
    chaired by prof. Joop Koppenjan, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Activating networks around care clients in the social domain
    chaired by dr Annie de Roo, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • New forms of city-regional governance in metropolitan areas
    chaired by dr Linze Schaap, Tilburg University
  • Round tables and private certification systems for making cross-border supply chains more sustainable
    chaired by prof. Katrien Termeer, Wageningen University & Research

Source: NWO


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