Now online: Programme for final congress on Violence against psychiatric patients

2 August 2019

Prominent researchers, with input from experts by experience, will address the quantitative and qualitative aspects of victimisation on 7 November. Research has revealed that psychiatric patients are more exposed to violence than people in the population as a whole. The violence patients themselves suffer relates to such matters as theft, mugging, physical or emotional abuse, sexual violence, threats, etc.


The congress is being organised to conclude the research programme ‘Violence against psychiatric patients’, which NWO has conducted in three rounds and which is funded by the Stichting tot Steun VCVGZ [Christian foundation supporting psychiatric patients]. This programme covers 12 extensive research and innovation projects with the aim of reducing victimisation of psychiatric patients. Only a small number of these patients discuss such violence with their care worker. Care workers therefore often only have limited knowledge of this. Most of the congress day will be devoted to intervention strategies, aimed at prevention, early identification and treatment of the negative consequences of victimisation.

The State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sports, Paul Blokhuis, will open the congress. The moderator for the day will be endowed Professor Miranda Olff. The writer and columnist Özcan Akyol will close the day.

The accredited congress is specifically aimed at professionals, managers, policy officers and directors from various sectors of mental healthcare, welfare work, youth support services, the criminal justice system, the police and municipal services, who come into contact with this theme in their daily work.

Further information about the day’s programme can be found on the Sympopna Foundation website.

Source: NWO