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Deadline 1 October 2019!

23 August 2019

In 2019 NWO will award two Chemistry Prizes during CHAINS 2019, the Athena Prize and the Gouden KIEM. You can submit your nominations up to and including 1 October 2019, 14:00 hrs. With these prizes, NWO aims to facilitate high quality research and entrepreneurship in the field of chemistry.

The following two scientific NWO prizes are open to various researchers in the field of chemistry:

Athena prize

The Athena Prize is for excellent female chemists who perform high-quality scientific research and are an inspiration to others. The prize is € 25,000 to be spent on research-related activities.

Gouden KIEM

The Gouden KIEM is for the best collaboration between a startup and a knowledge institution, organized by the NWO domain Science and Holland Chemistry. The prize amounts to € 25,000 for the winning team, which they can spend on a KIEM project, among other things.

Testimonials winners of the Gouden KIEM award 2018 en 2017

SPONSH (2018): "We applied for the Gouden KIEM to get recognition of the value and potential of our startup, and to spread the word within the chemistry community and beyond", says Catarina Esteves, co-founder and inventor of the Sponsh material. "It is a big honor to win this award. It allowed us to improve our material at TU/e. We often use the professional short movie that was made to promote our company in a nutshell. Having attracted a lot of media attention, we were approached by investors, advisors, manufacturers and even potential employees afterwards!"

FreshStrips (2017): "It was a great opportunity for us to receive valuable advice from industry experts, gain visibility and financial support. Thanks to the Gouden KIEM we have gained credibility as well. These factors have enabled us to secure more funding and discuss various collaborations. A big success was winning the world renowned MassChallenge competition. br> We would definitely recommend submitting an application to anyone that would like to test the validity of their ideas."


The deadline for submitting nominations for these two NWO Chemistry Prizes 2019 is 1 October 2019, 14:00 hrs. Gouden KIEM via,  Athena Prize via

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Source: NWO