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3 July 2019

Have you already become a member of one of the new NWO physics working groups? As of September 2018, the structure of the physics working groups has been rearranged and five new working groups have been introduced: Physics of Fluids and Soft Matter; Nano, Quantum and Materials Physics; Physics for Technology and Instrumentation; Particle and Astroparticle Physics; and Physics of Life.


You can become a member of a working group by signing up here. Researchers can become member of two physics working groups at most. For more information on who is eligible to become a working group member, check here.

Why become a member?

By signing up to a working group you will stay informed and will be able to directly provide important input on relevant matters and developments. Each working group is represented by a committee. The working group committees work together with the Round Table Physics and advise the board of NWO Science on important policy-related decisions, based on input from the field. The committees do this on behalf of their respective fields of peers. In order to gather input from their community, and also communicate back, the working group committees will need to be able to reach the entire community. By signing up to a working group (or working groups) the committee will be able to do this effectively. 

Recent development

Recently, the Round Table Physics has requested the working group committees to provide a 'focusnotitie'. In this document, a vision as to what is required to maintain and/or improve the Dutch physics landscape for the next ten years will be composed. These 'focusnotities' from the five different working groups will then serve as building blocks together representing the entire physics community. The working group committees would like to be able to gather information from as many peers as possible. In order to get more information and/or to inquire how you could provide input on this 'focusnotitie', you can directly contact your respective working group committee. 

Contact/more information

Physics of Fluids and Soft Matter
NWO-secretary: Bram Borkent, b.borkent@NWO.NL

Nano, Quantum and Material Physics
NWO-secretaries: Merijn Blaakmeer en Wieteke de Boer
m.blaakmeer@NWO.NL /w.deboer@NWO.NL

Physics for Technology and Instrumentation
NWO-secretary: Femke Tabak, f.tabak@NWO.NL

Particle and Astroparticle Physics
NWO-secretary: Remko van Achten, r.achten@NWO.NL

Physics of Life
NWO-secretary: Stella Koppel, s.koppel@NWO.NL



Source: NWO