Science & Technology incentive fund for women succeeds Physics/f programme

12 July 2019

In science & technical disciplines, the number of women in scientific positions is low. At the end of 2019, NWO is launching a Science & Technology incentive fund to retain more female scientists for these disciplines. The fund builds on the Physics/f programme, which will stop after 2019.

More than 13 years ago, the FOM/f incentives programme was established to keep more female scientists Dutch physics community. After the NWO transition, this successful programme was continued as NWO Physics/f incentives programme. Nearly 50 applications were granted during this period, varying between personal postdoc positions and bridging grants. That the programme is successful is evidenced by the fact that about 80% of the laureates after completion of their project are still active in the academic physics research community in the Netherlands. Many laureates have been able to build up a better starting research position with their Physics/f grant and have thus been able to independently acquire follow-up financing by acquiring e.g. NWO Innovational Research Incentives Grants, ERC starting / advanced grants or other (inter) national grants. About half of these postdocs managed to move on to a tenure track position. The programme has also supported various faculties and research institutes in the appointment of women on tenured positions.

The budget of the Physics/f programme for 2019 has been exhausted, meaning that no new applications can be submitted. The incentive programme for physics is being extended to science and technology disciplines, since in all these sciences there is a need to keep and attract more female scientists. This new women's stimulation programme will replace the current Physics/f programme that has come to an end as a result. NWO will include the "best practices" of the Physics/f programme in the set-up of the new incentive fund.

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