Modifications to Science prize packages

4 July 2019

The NWO Domain Science board has decided to modify the prizes awarded within the NWO Domain Science.

This will bring the prizes into line with the new NWO Domain Science and its new strategy. As things stand, the following prizes awarded by NWO will be phased out (in their current form):

  • Athena Prize
  • Minerva Prize
  • Gouden KIEM
  • NWO Physics Thesis Award
  • NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize
  • NWO Physics Valorisation Prize

The NWO Domain Science will expand the scope of some themes (for which prizes are currently awarded) to cover the entire domain. It is also developing a number of new prizes. Further details will be published in the autumn of 2019. We will communicate information on this topic via the NWO newsletter, the NWO website and the NWO Science social media channels.

Source: NWO